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    The characters in The Lightning Thief are one of the things that make this book fun to read. The characters are all very interesting and have traits that make them different than any other character in the book whether it be physical attributes like Medusa's head that turns anyone who looks at her to stone, or just the way that they communicate with other characters. Many of these reoccuring characters are round characters, meaning they are very detailed and you can almost swear you know them just by reading the book, and they are dynamic characters, meaning that they change throughout the book. Whatever type of character they are, they are all very interesting and really add some emotion to the story. Many of these characters may even be familiar if you have any knowledge of Greek Mythology. Whether it be a very comical character, or maybe even a very intimidating character, the characters in The Lightning Thief will realy drag you into the book and you won't want to put it down till you find out what happens next to your favorite character.