12 year-old Percy Jackson is far from the average kid. He attends a boarding school in New York City called Yancy-Prep, which is about to be the 3rd school he's been kicked out of. No matter how hard he tries he just can't manage to pay attention. Somehow trouble always manages to find him, and the trouble is only beginning when his math teacher Ms.Dodds turns into a monster and attempts to kill him. Percy soon discovers that he is even further from normal than he had previously believed. When strange things keep happening to Percy, his mom tells him he must go to a special summer camp where he can be safe. Skeptical at first, it takes nearly being killed by a minotaur to convince him.
    At this summer camp, Percy learns many new things, most important of which is the fact that he is a Demi-God; half mortal, half god, and he's not the only one. Camp Half-Blood as it's called, is a place where Demi-Gods (half-bloods) can be safe while also learning the skill that will keep them safe from the monsters that are naturally attracted to them. Percy quickly makes new friends at summer camp but at the same time, can't help but make some new enemies. As tension between the gods at Mount Olympus grows, it becomes evident that a hero is needed to stop an all-out war between the gods. This hero is to be no other than Percy Jackson.
    Having accelled so far at Camp Half-Blood, Percy is allowed to embark on this quest with the aid of his new friends from Camp Half-Blood. Percy's quest is to retrieve Zeus's stolen lightning bolt and return it safely to Mount Olympus, before a war of the gods can begin. This will be no easy task even for a hero such as Percy. It will require embarking on a dangerous journey, made even more dangerous by the monsters and trials that await him along the way, as well as a few gods with some unseen agendas. Fortunately for Percy he will not be alone on his quest. Will Percy and his friends be able to get the lightning bolt back in time, or will the journey prove too difficult for them? Read The Lightning Thief to discover the answer.
    The Lightning Thief will keep you entertained through the enitire book. It will have you wondering what's going to happen next, whether Percy is fighting the god of war himself, or escaping a trap set for a god. If you enjoy books with adventure and enjoy a good story, you will enjoy Percy jackson.