Laclede County COAD

About Laclede County COAD

A COAD, or Community Organizations Active in Disaster, is a group whose goal is to coordinate the emergency response and recovery efforts of community organizations in the event of a disaster. A COAD based within a community or geographic area composed of representatives from public, private and non-profit agencies. A COAD's mission is to enhance the community's ability to mitigate, prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.

Laclede County COAD’s main functions are:

  • Cooperation (creating a climate for organizational cooperation and information sharing)
  • Coordination (providing a liaison to and fostering a common understanding of the role of public offices in emergency management)
  • Communication (publishing and disseminating information that helps community organizations increase their disaster resiliency)
  • Education (increasing mutual awareness and understanding of each member organization's role in disaster planning)
  • Convening Mechanism (arranging meetings, conferences, and training as necessary)
  • Legislation (encouraging effective disaster relief legislation and policy)