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Volume 18

Jul - Sep 2015 

ESCO cold storage

Rocker suction and filtration system

Vacuubrand diaphragm pump

Merck Millipore Lab Water System

Fume Cupboard inspection services

Thermo Scientific GC column

Bruker interferometer

Volume 17

Jan - Apr 2015 

Eyela concentration unit

LTE 2014 report

Thermo Scientific GC & GCMS column


Isolab general consumables

Life Science corner


Volume 16

Oct - Dec 2014

Sigma centrifuge

ESCO refrigerated incubator

Wako phos-tag series

Brand dispensette

Analytikjena UV/VIS spectrophotometer

Thermo Scientific Reacti-Therm system


Volume 15

Jul - Sep 2014


LabPRO Latex & Nitrile gloves

Life Science corner

ESCO thermal cycler

Brand pipette

Thermo Scientific Accucore column

Analytikjena Array ICP-OES

Charity corner - Hong Kong Red Cross


Volume 14

Apr - Jun 2014

Acros Organic quotation process

General equipment bundle set

ESCO BSC and CO2 incubator

Sartorius filters

Synthware glassware

LabPRO Latex & Nitrile gloves

Sigma centrifuge


Volume 13

Jan - Mar 2014


Life Science corner

Acros Organic AcroSeal packaging

Bruker triple quadrupole mass spectrometer

Charity corner - WWF Hong Kong


Volume 12

Oct - Dec 2013


IKA hot item promotion

Vacuubrand product introduction

Thermo Scientific oven/incubator and cold storage

Fisherbrand consumables

Acros Organic AcroSeal packaging

Charity corner - Hong Kong Red Cross // 赤腳仁心


Volume 11

Jul - Sep 2013


Fisherbrand consumables

Acros Organic AcroSeal packaging

IKA hot item promotion

Thermo Scientific SOLA SPE column

Bruker aurora M90

Thermo Scientific oven/incubator and cold storage

Charity corner - Hong Kong Red Cross


Volume 10

Apr - Jun 2013


IKA hot item promotion

Fisherbrand consumables

HKL showroom

Acros & Chemservices chemicals & reference standard

Lab Furniture Job Reference - CityU & CUHK

Corporate news

In-stock summary

Charity corner - Hong Kong Red Cross


Volume 9

Jan - Mar 2013


Acros Organic sole distributor announcement

HKL 10th anniversary highlight

HKL showroom introduction

Fisherbrand consumables

Lab Furniture Job Reference - local pharmaceutical enterprise


Volume 8

Jul 2012



Volume 7

Apr 2012



Volume 6

Jan 2012



Volume 5

Oct 2011



Volume 4

Jul 2011



Volume 3

Jan 2011



Hong Kong Labware Catalog 2011

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