Welcome back to school!  I'm very excited to start the new school year!!  I had a wonderful summer and hope that you did too.  A little about myself:
Birthday:  August 10, 19something? (ha, ha - after I turned 21 I forgot the date)
Children:  Kierra (11 years old) and Kennedi (6 years old)
Husband:  Craig Jones - we've been happily married for 13 years :)
Birthplace:  Warren, Ohio
Education: *I was born raised in Champion.
                *I graduated from Champion in 1995. 
                *I graduated from The University of Akron with a Bachelor's in Education
                    in 1999.
                        *I received my Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the
                            University of Scranton in 2007.
Hobbies:  *I love hanging out with my family and friends
              *Playing sports with my husband and kids (basketball -my favorite, soccer
                - I've coached my daughter's team
                - I've played indoor soccer with my husband   
                -  I love to downhill ski (we want to teach the girls this year)             
               *Decorating my house - I'm always painting something
               *Landscaping my yard - I love plants
               *Don't forget shopping!!  
Favorite Color:  Depends what it's for
Favorite Movie: Monster-In-Law, Meet the Parents (I love movies that make me
Favorite T.V. Shows: Psych, White Collar, Mentalist, Burn Notice, Drop Dead Diva,
                              and the HGTV Channel (this one gives me lots of ideas) 
Favorite Radio Station: 90.9 (Air 1 - Christian Rock), 107.1(K-Love), 95.5(The fish) 
Favorite Drink:  Coconut Latte', (cold)Chai Tea Latte' from Panera Bread (addicting) 
Favorite Snack:  Fruit, Veggies, Cheese and crackers, chips and salsa (I love eating
Favorite Sounds:  My kids laughter
Least Favorite Sounds:  Whinning kids
Favorite Books:  The Shopaholic Series - my husband says that's cause I can
                        relate ;)
Favorite Magazine/Catalogue: "Real Simple", "Pottery Barn", "Arhaus",
                                              "Restoration Hardware", "BHG", "The Food Network"
Favorite Places to Be:  1 - On vacation with my family
                                  2 - At home with my family
                                                                    3 - At school with my wonderful students!!
Favorite Season:  Don't have one - I love every season for different reasons!
Favorite Day of the Week:  Saturday
Favorite Months:  December, and June