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Top iOS Remote Desktop Applications

posted Mar 8, 2016, 8:10 AM by Duane Martin

For the average home user:
Application with very little technical knowhow required.  

TeamViewer - [Free, iPhone / iPad] Visit to create an account, and install the desktop software on the computer that you want to access remotely.  Then log into your account either at or on one of the mobile apps to access your computer.

For family help desk:
This is the perfect solution for anyone who has ever gotten that call from a friend or family member who is asking for technical help with a particular website or program.  You know how much time is consumed with "What exactly does the page say?" and "Did you click or right-click the icon?". - [Free, Universal] does all the work, simply tell your caller to open a web browser and visit  Then have them click the Start Meeting button and install a small (one-time) plug in.  The user then gets a little box at the top of their screen with a unique number.  Now all you have to do is open the app and have them read you the number.  Once you enter it you'll see their desktop on your iPad.  You can also use the functions to request control of the users computer.

For power users:
This is the place where you already know how to setup your own Remote Desktop server and you want a true Windows experience on your iPad or iPhone.  These are also the best applications for Windows users who just want to leave the laptop behind and just travel with the iPad.  NOTE: these work best if you are on a static IP network or when used with a service like, also I recommend setting up a custom RDP Port for better security.

PocketCloud - [Free, Universal] or [Pro, $14.99 Universal] This is the best Free RD client that I've used. However, you must used the paid version if you want to keep more then one saved configuation. PocketCloud offers the same quick setup with the install of an app on the server as Logmein and TeamView mentioned above, but you can also manually configure your connections, which makes for a more responsive experience.

Jump Desktop - [$14.99, Universal] This is my #1 go to app for Remote Desktop and VNC.  You can save all your sessions for quick one touch access.  You have full Multi-Touch/Gesture support on Windows 8 and 8.1.  Connect to Mac native Screen Share via VNC.  Most importantly the interface is clean and fast and the mouse guide is perfect for accurate clicking.

For corporate folk:
These apps offer some special features that are more useful to business networks.

Microsoft Remote Desktop - [Free, Universal] The new kid though it only supports RDP (not VNC) does work very well, and it's built in support for multi-touch gestures with Windows 8-8.1, the interface is very clunky to say the least when using with Windows server or Windows 7, Vista, XP.  That being said, 1) the app is Free, and 2) you can keep many saved profiles, but most importantly 3) it's the only RD client that supports Remote Apps/Resources.  Sadly, you can only save settings for one remote resources server at a time, and only Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012 currenly support Remote Apps via TS Web Access.

Remotix - [Free, Universal] or [$19.99, Universal] One of the more expensive options, (the free version limits your sessions to only a few minutes and then it goes crazy) Remotix offers a great feature where it will automatically scan your network and find available Remote servers that it can connect to.  Remotix also offers the highest quality connectivitiy to Macs via the native Screen Share protocol.