This program is offered by KW Chinese School with the sponsorship of the Central Ontario Chinese Culture Centre (C.O.C.C.C.). The goal of this program is to keep the richness of the Chinese culture alive through the art of Chinese Dances. KW Chinese School and COCCC take great pride in enabling and nurturing the teaching of the various traditional Chinese dances to the younger generation, in Canada. Every year, students of the Dance Program are invited to perform in the community, on various occasions, such as several Chinese New Year celebrations, East Asian Festival, Silk Road Festival, Multi-cultural Festival and fund raising events for charitable organizations. Currently, there are three levels of Chinese Folk Dance classes.
Senior Group – requires considerable dance skill and experience

Instructor and Choreographer – Jing Tang

The dancers will be learning a Miao Ethnic Traditional Dance. This dance is exciting and fast paced.

Ms. Jing Tang is a highly skilled dancer formally trained in China. Our program is very grateful and fortunate that Ms.Tang has made herself available to instruct our students.
Intermediate Group - requires some dance skill and experience 
Instructor and Choreographer – Tina Li

This dance features a youth modern dance based on the popular Chinese song, Songs and Smiles, “歌声与微笑”. This dance celebrates innocence and wonder, regardless of age, culture or gender. The lyrics and the music contain memories from many generations and delivers a message that friendship can be made any where, at any time.

Junior Group - requires no dance experience. Our aim is to build skill and confidence

Instructor and Choreographer – Wenjuan Song

This is a "Yi Zu" children’s dance called Hong Hong Huo Huo ( 红红火火). "Yi Zu" is one of the minority ethnic groups in China, based  mainly in Yunnan, Sichuan and Quizhou provinces. "Hong Hong Huo Huo" means flourishing and prosperous. This dance depicts children dancing happily to celebrate their prosperous life with sweet smiles.



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