Reasons to learn Italian

Lead with Languages

List created by KVCS students:
Let's you step inside another person's culture
Italian is the language of music. If you are going into music, knowing Italian will help you understand it.
To improve a global employment chance
To get a chance at a scholarship
To increase your native language ability
To sharpen life skills
To appreciate another culture's art or music
To make travel more enjoyable
To expand study abroad options
To understand how your culture from a different perspective
To make friends from around the world
It is close to Spanish so easy to learn if you have taken that previously
The food is pretty good
It looks good on an application to have a different language than English
The language is romantic
The Italian culture is fascinating
Many people rate Italian as the most beautiful spoken language in the world
It has the highest number of words for describing food.
Order Italian food with confidence
No subtitle when watching Italian movies
Improve cultural understanding
Be able to read Italian books
Research family roots
Italy is a top 10 tourist spot
It is a fun language
It is the closest language to Latin
If you ever want a job as a translator
To speak to my Italian family members
Knowing another language enhances your understanding of your main language.
You can read Italian signs, books, and Italian literature
Most opera is in Italian. If you like opera, you can understand it better if you know Italian.