Kings Valley Charter School Staff

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Phone extensions have been updated to reflect changes for the 17-18 school year. 
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PositionNameemail @kvschool.orgTelephone ExtensionSite or Blog
PositionNameemail @kvschool.orgTelephone ExtensionSite or Blog
Bakery/Kitchen Diana Barnhart(Manager), Rebecca Barnhart 105  
Boost Coordinator Lois Olund lolund 129 (voicemail only)  
Bus Drivers Ronnie Simmons (Manager), Julee Bishop, David Crowe, Jennifer Goodenough, Jackie Hughes rsimmons   
Computers/IT Philip North pnorth 106  
Custodial Glenda Bush (Manager), Josie Lewis, Kassie Chambers, Ben Lewis gbush 111  
Director Jamon Ellingson jellingson 103  
Groundskeeping Linda Leep lleep   
Instructional Assistant Middle/High Michaela Wasson mwasson   
Instructional Assistants for Elementary Suzanne Brockie, Tammy Shifley, Poppy Mitchell, Katie Ross    
Instructional Assist. (SPED) Anna Bowman abowman   
KVCS Finance Alaina Rain arain   
Maintenance David Crowe    
Office Manager, Finance, Personnel Cindy Simmons csimmons 120  
Office Support- Administrative Assistants Jennie Wilder, Kassandra Chambers, Ben Lewis attendance 109  
Office Support: Assistant to the Director Will Andrews wandrews 125  
Office Support - Volunteer Coordinator Glenda Bush gbush 111  
Preschool Nina Petrovich, Heather Traglia (Assistant) npetrovich 121  
Recess Athena Lodge(manager), Suzanne Brockie, Ben Lewis, Jennifer Goondenough, Heather Traglia alodge 114  
Registrar & College/Career Adviser David Crowe dcrowe 102 college/career info 
Special Education (Philomath) Maria Gutoski 122 PSD Page 
Teacher - Elementary Music Juliette Jessop jjessop   
Teacher - Grade Kindergarten Maxine Hanson mhanson 104  
Teacher - Grades 1-2 Jannet Kohanek jkohanek 116  
Teacher - Grades 2-3 Bobbi Beck bbeck 115  
Teacher - Grades 3-4; Head Teacher for Elementary Athena Lodge alodge 114  
Teacher - Grades 4-5 Stacey Zaback szaback 101  
Teacher - Grades 6-12 Humanities Adam Coe acoe 118 Blog (Mr. Coe) 
Teacher, Grades 6-12 Humanities Will Andrews wandrews 125  
Teacher - Grades 6-12 Science Britton Castor bcastor 127 Website 
Teacher- Grades 6-12 World Languages Tamara Sprague tsprague 124  
Teacher - Grades 6-8 Math, Head Teacher MS/HS Scott Castle scastle 117  
Teacher Grades 9-12 Math Dan Bixler dbixler 119  
Teacher - PE/Health (All School), Athletic Director Simmons, Ronnie rsimmons 126  
Showing 33 items