Cost: The preschool program is not funded by state tax dollars, therefore there is a charge for attendance.

2012-2013 Monthly Program Costs

2 days/week = $100


3 days/ week = $120


4 days/week = $170


5 days/week = $220


A $15 discount will be applied if parents of preschool students volunteer once/month.

Students need to have a regular schedule; we do NOT offer drop-in daycare. The same monthly costs apply to kindergarteners who attend preschool after lunch.

Please pay at the START of the month, based on the number of days you plan to have your child attend.

*All preschool students must be toilet-trained to be able to attend


 Preschool begins at 12:15 and ends at 3:00pm each day.

Preschool begins:

Preschool students will eat lunch in the cafeteria once/week (most likely on Fridays).  This is a change beginning fall of 2012.

hot lunch: $1.25

Preschool… It's a place to make friends, build confidence, prepare for kindergarten, follow instructions, be responsible, play & be creative!

Our Philosophy

So much learning takes place as children socialize & learn of others’ needs & feelings. Their play time is their work. We have fun ways to learn through field trips, cooking, guests, writing, cutting, pasting, planting, painting, studying outdoors & more. We use our imaginations to learn as we play!

Our Day

Upon arrival, children wash hands then choose toys & learning activities set up around the room. We all help when it is time to clean up & gather for circle time. The 4 yr. class prepares for a hot or homemade lunch in our cafeteria. When lunch is cleaned up, there are group learning activities. Next it's recess outside or in the gym, followed by snack. There is time for writing, stories & learning activities. Books & puzzles are available for quiet time. We end the day with open play time of group table games & puzzles. The daily sharing bag goes home with one child to bring an item to share on the next school day. This child acts as the leader & special helper for the day.

Special Activities

We learn music each month and share at the winter & spring performances. We sing with the K-5 on Thursdays. Wednesday is our library day. We have planned field trips with parent volunteer drivers. You can plan a birthday celebration during our snack time. We'll plan to make it a special day. A birthday snack will be provided once a month by the school. For those with a summer birthday, we can choose a 1/2 birthday or the celebration in June.


Volunteers: priceless! Appreciation: endless! We ask parents to volunteer once a month. Extra help enhances learning and keeps costs low. Here's a brief list of tasks: supervise restroom use, set up snack, wash tables, put notes in cubbies, help children, prepare projects & general safety control. Please sign up for an extra day on the calendar when you are available as an on-call substitute volunteer. An additional $10 per month will be charged in lieu of your volunteering.

Sick Days

Children should remain at home for 24 hours following fever, vomiting, diarrhea, persistent cough, or discolored runny nose. You may call the office to let us know. We can save projects for them to complete when they return. We will call you if your child becomes ill or injured during the school day.