Middle School

Middle School: Grades 6-8


Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, Spanish, Advisory, PE, Electives

Electives vary from semester to semester.  They are sometimes blended with high school electives, so students may have class with high schoolers.

Field Trips: we view field experiences as vital to children's learning, so we incorporate field trips into the curriculum as often as possible. It is rare that parents are asked to pay for their child to attend events. Parents are welcome to attend with children, if space allows (charges may apply for adults, see our chaperon policy). Trips include music and plays, museums, teambuilding, and service learning.
Morning Meeting: once/month - students have the opportunity to share their talents with the whole school - singing, dancing, reciting poetry, hula-hooping, skits and many other talents. Classes perform in relation to what they've been studying, and teachers present students' best work. We believe this encourages students to appreciate each other's gifts, to see examples of good work and receive encouragement and praise, and to practice speaking and performing in front of larger groups.

PEP Conferences: 3x/year - We at Kings Valley Charter School believe that individualized goals and assessment play a key role in helping students achieve their best. Because children learn differently and at different paces, teachers work together with each student and his or her parents to define goals that provide interest and appropriate challenge for the individual student. KVCS also wants students to communicate what they are learning to their parents, so the last 2 sets of conferences are student-led.
Monthly Birthdays: each month, we celebrate birthdays as a whole school, which helps foster community.  Birthday treats are made by our kitchen staff; we ask that parents do not send birthday treats for the class with their child for food safety/allergy reasons.
Academic Nights/Science Fair: Students have opportunities to present their best work to their families and  community members. 
Socials/Dances: Students organize events, sometimes in connection with the high school students.  Students are allowed to invite one guest (approved by administrator).