Is KVCS HS right for me (my child)

This is a very personal question and can best be answered by coming for a tour.  However, here are some things to keep in mind as your family discusses this decision:

1.  The high school courses are academic, rigorous, and challenging.  Students start in some Advanced Placement (AP) courses their freshman year. ** Students should expect a minimum of several hours of homework each evening.  The Washington Post ranked Kings Valley Charter School's High School as the 44th most challenging in the nation in May, 2015.  We ranked 3rd in Oregon.  Read the list HERE

2. Because of our small size, social events and athletics are very limited.  Students do get to know each other well, however there are fewer opportunities to have "traditional" events like homecoming.  On the other side of the coin...

3.  Students do receive a lot of teacher time.  Because of small class sizes, students have more of a challenge in terms of classroom discussion and lab work, and more help when they are struggling with concepts.  There is personalized advising to help students be accountable for completion of work, as well as career and college planning. 

4. Our courses involve a lot of hands-on work, including extended field trips that involve getting "into" nature.  These trips can be day trips or can last up to a week. Your child will be asked to attend these curriculum-based trips and take part in these "field experiences" with a postive attitude and work ethic.  Students will also be expected to plan and take part in student-directed service projects. 

5.  Presentation is a key piece of our program.  Students will present academic work throughout the year during "Academic Presentation Nights" and will publish work to an online portfolio.  Work may also be taught by or presented to community members who work in various fields.