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Policies and Procedures for the School

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Athletics Athletic Eligibility for grades 7-12 KVP6008b Eligibility requirements for grades 7-12 
Athletics Conditions for starting an OSAA high school activity KVP9003a Describes the conditions that must be met before the KVCS board would appove this type of activity. 
Athletics Location of a Co-op Sports Activity KVP 9005a Policy to determine where a co-op sports activity will be located 
Athletics Sport and Activity Fees KVP9006a Sport and activity fees for elementary, middle, and high school. Scholarship info. 
Board Members Policy for Board Member Agenda KVP1009a Sets a general dates to coordinate school management with board meetings topics. 
Board Members Policy on Board Members in Paid Positions KVP1004a Defines the policy for procedures 
Board Members Procedure for Board Member Orientation and Selection KVP1006b Defines the important documents and process for reviewing those documents for new board members. 
Board Members Procedure for Documenting Review of Policies and Procedures KVP1007a Defines the procedure to close the loop on ensuring the proper people are aware of the policies 
Community Kitchen and Gym Rental KVP8002a  Describes fees and process for kitchen and gym usage 
Community Policy for Outside Organizations On Site During the School Day  KVP8003a Defines the parameters for having an outside organization on site during the school day.  
Emergency Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Procedure Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan Describes what to do in situations where blood borne pathogens are exposed 
Emergency Earthquake Drill Procedure KVP5100b Describes what steps need to be taken during an earthquake drill 
Emergency Lockdown Procedure KVP5101a  Describes what steps need to be taken in the event of an all-school lockdown 
Emergency Procedure for Conducting a Fire Drill KVP2003b Procedure for Conducting a Fire Drill. 
Emergency Procedure for Emergency Late Bus KVP2002a Defines emergency procedures and staff roles in the case the school bus is not available to take students to their homes. 
Financial Authority to assign fund balances KVP7011a Policy Granting Authorization for Specific Members of Management to Assign Fund Balances 
Financial Cash Account Management KVP7008a Defines the procedures for opening/closing accounts and authorizing wire transfers. 
Financial Cash On Hand Tracking Sheet KVP7000a attachment Attachment for tracking cash on hand. 
Financial Documenting Journal Entries KVP7010a Defines the procedures for documenting journal entries. 
Financial Financial Passwords KVP7007B Defines the procedures and timeline for changing passwords associated with financial accounts.  
Financial Financial Roles KVP7006b Defines the roles and responsibilities of people connected to the school's financial accounts. 
Financial Internal Financial Audits KVP7009a Defines the procedures for internal audits. 
Financial Minimum general fund balance KVP 7012a  
Financial Policy for Spending Approval KVP7004b Defines the process for obtaining spending approval. 
Financial Policy Setting Priority to Spend Restricted Funds Before Unrestricted Funds KVP 7014a  
Financial Procedure for Handling Cash On Hand at the School KVP7000b Describes the procedure for handling cash on hand at the school. 
Financial Procedure for Signing Checks KVP7003c Describe the procedure for signing checks 
Financial Process for committing funds KVP 7013a  
Financial Purchase approval form KVP7004 PO attachment Form for spending approval process 
Financial Reconciliation of Accounts KVP7005a Defines the procedure for reconciling the accounts 
General Accountability Plan KVP1001f Define actions to keep the stakeholders in the school accountable to each other.  
General Authorized Persons Riding the School Bus KVP5012a To define Kings Valley Charter School’s policy for authorized persons riding the bus. 
General By-laws June 2005 KVP1008c These are the by-laws of the non-profit organization that operates the Kings Valley Charter School. 
General Complaint Procedure KVP8000a Describes the process for lodging a complaint at the school 
General Defer to Philomath School District Policy when no KVCS policy exists KVP5014a To direct all PSKV and KVCS employees and board members, parents and students in all decisions when no KVCS Policy exists. 
General Enrollment Caps Record KVR5001Q This document defines the current enrollment limits per grade. The board can update this record at public meetings. 
General Enrollment Policy KVP5001d Describes the process and deadlines for establishing enrollment caps in each classroom. 
General Field Trip Policy KVP5006a Policy for organizing a field trip 
General Library Book Policy KVP5007a Policy for adding or removing material to or from the library 
General Policy to Define Standard Guidelines for Board Member Communication KVP1005a Defines the guidelines for board member communications including confidentiality, interaction with the staff and public. 
General Procedure for Creating, Modifying, and Storing Important Document KV1000b Defines the process for creating, modifying and storing important documents. 
General Wage Policy KVP5011b Provides priorities and guidance for setting wages. 
Hiring/Firing Due Process for Termination of an Employee for Performance Reasons KVP3000b Defines the procedure for the formal steps in correcting employee performance including verbal and written warnings. 
Hiring/Firing Policy defining job posting KVP2006b Defines the procedures and requirements for posting jobs. 
Hiring/Firing Procedure for Hiring an Administrator KVP2001a Defines the procedure for hiring an administrator including the roles of the board, community and staff. 
Hiring/Firing Procedure for Hiring Non-Teaching Staff KVP2004b Defines the procedure for hiring non-teaching staff 
Hiring/Firing Procedure for Hiring Teaching Staff KVP2005D Defines the procedure for hiring teaching staff 
Keys Procedure for issuance of keys and to lock up the building KVP2000a Defines the procedure and record keeping for key distribution and the procedure for locking up the building. 
Kitchen Local Wellness Policy KVP6010A KVCS policy relating to diet, exercise, health for students 
Kitchen Procedure for Operating the Dishwasher KVP6003a Defines the procedure for operating the dishwasher located in the school kitchen. 
Kitchen Procedure for Operating the Large Ovens KVP6002a Defines the procedure for operating the large ovens located in the school kitchen. 
Kitchen Procedure for Operating the Stove KVP6001a Defines the procedure for operating the stove located in the school kitchen. 
Preschool Policy for Preschool Admission and Pricing KVP9000a The objective of this policy to define class size limits, age limits, pricing, and accountability 
student-related Guidance to staff for pregnant and parenting students KVP 6006a Guidance to staff for pregnant and parenting students 
Student-related Credit for Previous Learning KVP4000c Policy for how KVCS will award credit for previous learning 
Student-related Grading Options for High School Classes KVP 6007e Describes grading options for high school classes 
Student-Related Attendance Policy KVP5005c Policy defining attendance requirements 
Student-Related Behavior Escalation Plan KVP5010a Defines the procedure for referring behavior issues in the classroom and at recess. 
Student-Related Code of Conduct KVP6005C Describes legal rights and responsibilities of the school in relation to serious behavior issues. 
Student-Related Discipline Policy KVP5000a Describes the school policy on handling discipline issues. 
Student-Related Distance-Learning Policy KVP9001a Outlines requirements for students to be enrolled in distance learning courses. 
Student-Related Employing Students Policy KVP5013a To define Kings Valley Charter School’s policy for hiring students as staff. 
Student-Related Food Policy KVP5009a Establishes general guidelines for the meal program, snacks, and birthday party policies. 
Student-Related Policy for graduation after the ceremony KVP6009a Policy for students who have not completed credits before the ceremony (work done during the summer following grad. ceremony). 
Student-Related Policy for Handling Prescription Medication to Students KVP5003a Defines the procedure for handling prescription medication at the school. 
Student-Related Regular-ed students, accommodation for changing classes KVP9004b Policy to Provide direction to staff in allowing regular education students to deviate from the normal schedule.  
Student-Related Student Development-Based Placement Policy KVP9002c Defines the criteria for promotion and retention of students. Describes KVCS goals for student placement in courses. (Has also been called "Students at Challenge Level" policy) 
Teaching-Related Criteria defining meeting and exceeding goals KVP5008a Defines the criteria for meeting and exceeding goals on the PEP 
Teaching-Related Positive Behavior Supports Program Description KVP6004F Describes the positive behavior supports program. 
Teaching-Related Student Assessment Plan (2007) KVP6000f Defines the assessments and schedule to measure student progress. 
Volunteering Procedure for volunteers serving lunch KVP8005B This document is the document used to train kitchen volunteers  
Volunteering Volunteer Program Description KVP8004b Describes the volunteer program 
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