About Us/Our Mission

Kings Valley Charter School is a non-profit, 501c3 public charter school operating in the rural Kings Valley area of the Philomath School District.  There has been an elementary school in Kings Valley for over 154 years, but the district school was closed in the spring of 2001.  The Kings Valley community successfully rallied together to reopen the school as a public charter school. The goal of the school is to achieve academic excellence for all students through individualized programs in an environment designed to promote self motivation, responsibility and a positive attitude.  Hands-on educational opportunities are a priority. Community involvement in the school is of primary importance, and a critical success factor.

Our excellent morning academic program has shown impressive results in our test scores.  Our “project day” afternoons allow students to explore a variety of hands-on activities such as gardening, ceramics, cooking, sewing, fiber art, and science.  Most of these projects are taught by community volunteers and supported by donations.  The community has  volunteered of over 3700 hours in the 2006-2007 school year.  We had 60 volunteers during the last school year. 

We have built a successful K-12 program based on creating Personal Education Plans and excellent instruction.  Learning at KVCS is based on the premise that students learn at their full potential when engaged in activities that 1) offer challenges at the appropriate level, 2) have personal meaning, and 3) require working in conjunction with others.  Our school creates this dynamic through goal setting included in the Personal Education Plan process and by providing a variety of activities for our students, both academic and non-academic.  Instruction methods include teaching specific skills with a traditional approach as well as a complex approach focusing on project-based, integrated methods.  The use of multiple methods allows for the efficiency of more direct traditional instruction alongside the deeper learning that comes with integrated, project-based instruction.