Tragedy of the Commons

posted Jan 7, 2012, 6:52 PM by Jamon Ellingson
This week, students gained a greater understanding of sustaining shared resources(commons).  A picture below shows Marc, Bo, Tanner and Philip fighting for fish(gold fish crackers) using only a straw.  At first, students raced to see who could get the most fish and potentially make a profit by selling what was left over.  They quickly realized that the fish population was not able to be replenished at current harvest rates.  Many determined the maximum number to harvest and still maintain a healthy population of fish.  Students then read the artlicle "Tragedy of the Commons"  by Garrett Hardin.
 It was great to see the discussions and collaboration between students.  The quote of the day.  "You can take 3 fish this year and I will only take 2".