Online Conference Scheduling

Important:  This is a tool to allow parents to indicate the times they would like for conferences.  Times are not guaranteed.  If you have trouble using this site, please feel free to call the office.  If you complete this form, we will email you back with a confirmation of times, or we will call if there is a conflict or problem with your choices.

Evening times fill quickly.  Please do not choose evening slots if they have already been filled. 


Elementary grades are the first set; scroll down to the second set for middle and high school times.
1. Review the document on the left for open time slots (use the tabs at the bottom to view different teachers).  Times vary between elementary and middle school, so please check them carefully.  Only one child per slot in elementary. Make sure conference times for multiple children in your household are at least  3minutes apart (for elementary) this will help keep you from rushing to your next conference, and may make things move more smoothly for everyone.
2.  Fill out the form to the right.
3. Our staff will be notified and will then indicate the time slot is "filled."  This will only happen during office hours, so please be patient if you are competing this form on an evening or weekend. We will send you confirmation of your times. Please email or call if you have questions about your time slot.  
March 21  2019   9:00 A.M.  to 8:00 P.M.

Please make sure to refresh your browser to see the most current times available.
If you are scheduling over the weekend, note that "filled" times are not updated until the next school day. This may cause requests for times to be overlapping, so we will assign times based on who completed the "Scheduler" form first.

Please note - your children need to be with you during conference times; we do not have supervision available. Thank you.
If scheduling more than one child for conferences, make sure conferences are at LEAST 20 minutes apart.
ELEMENTARY TIMES **Click the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to view the different teachers' availability!!**


Elem w/NO Names March 2019 PEP

Click  blue links w/teacher names to view different elem. teachers' availability.

MH w/ NO NAMES March 2019


E Scheduler ELEMENTARY March 2019

MH Scheduler March 2019