Advanced Placement (AP) courses and testing:

KVCS is committed to a rigorous, academic curriculum that helps prepare students to be successful in the college learning environment.  AP courses move quickly, involve an high level of study, discussion, and application.  Writing, debating, reading, and applying content are significant elements of the courses.

AP Tests-
Are offered once a year, in May.  
Are optional - you don't have to take the test even if you took the course.
Are a way to help you get ahead in college.

Cost: $89 per test.  Fees may be less for students who qualify for the federal free/reduced lunch program. 
(note 2013-2014- KVCS covers these costs for all students if the student is enrolled in the AP course at KVCS. KVCS does not pay for retakes or if a student is not enrolled in the course)

AP advantages:
-taking an AP course demonstrates to colleges that you are an academically motivated student, committed to a challenging study of a subject.  Studies show that students who are successful in AP courses are more likely to be successful in college courses and are more likely to graduate from college.  This can help you in both the admissions process and in scholarship applications.
-taking the AP test could allow you to place further ahead in a subject area as a college freshman at many colleges**.  
-SOME colleges give college credit for higher scores on AP tests**.

**Universities and Colleges have varying policies related to AP credits/placement.  Your best source of information is the admissions office of the college you are researching.  Go to the college's website and do a search for AP credit (This will be the most current and accurate information), or click HERE to search the College Board's site.