L'esprit des eaux

L'esprit des eaux (The Spirit of Water) is an ambient instrumental music celebration of Water. It manifests in so many ways, at the core of our experiences and our existence. 



Dreamscapes Vol. 2

This compilation includes select tracks from The Color of Sleep project's TwilightBlue, SeaGreen, and the Kuutana "Rebirth" album released in 2015. Also includes the not previously released track "New Horizons". 



The seventh album in the Kuutana solo ambient series, "Rebirth" celebrates the renewal of life which happens every Spring. 



Undiscovered Shores

This sixth album by Kuutana has us visit the Undiscovered Shores of New Earth. A musical journey into a world of hope and discovery.

Listen to Undiscovered Shores (Streaming free, download/purchase optional)

Kuutana - Undiscovered Shores

 DreamScapes Vol. 1

DreamScape Vol. 1 is a compilation album collecting the quiet and peaceful ambient soundscape tracks from Kuutana's first four albums. 

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Waking Sun

As the first light of morning breaks the night and the waking sun glows on the horizon,

Kuutana - Waking Sun

the promise of an unrealized day awaits. Anything can happen, if you dare to dream.

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This third album by Kuutana, is the first part of a three-part series inspired by familiar

Kuutana - Moonrise

celestial events which inspire us with their beauty. You are invited to relax, and explore rich evolving soundscapes.

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Second Horizon

In this second released album, Kuutana continues the journey into relaxing music dreamscapes.
Using a large selection of virtual and natural instruments producing rich, evolving timbres, the listener can let go and embrace the calm serenity of the moment. The lush musical textures will guide you to a mystical place created by the interaction between your inner self and the inspirational soundscapes.


   Music has an amazing ability to entice the imagination and transform emotions.  The musical soundscapes painted throughout the Serenity Album will accompany you on your own personal journey. 

 You can listen to Serenity here (purchase optional)

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