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The Making of Serenity

posted Mar 19, 2010, 2:51 PM by Ron Charron

Serenity is defined as being a state of being serene, calm, and peaceful. This is precisely was sought during the creation of the Serenity Album.  This album was created with many of the same considerations of any soundtrack producer.  In a soundtrack, the goal is to induce the viewer into a mental and emotional state that supports the imagery of the scene.  In the Serenity Album, the video production is the one that the listener will imagine during the soundscape induced adventure through imaginary places painted throughout Serenity. Nature sounds are interwoven with rich blends of natural ethnic percussions and instruments, complemented with exotic virtual instruments.

During the several months over which this album was composed, the state of being its tracks induced in the composer helped shape and reshape the pace, tone, and imagery until it was felt that the musical story was fully told.