About Us

In March 2009, a group of like minded individuals came together with a common goal in mind: to get students more involved in campus life. The idea of a program was suddenly envisioned at the Board of Directors training session. START, was “started” with the same ideals our current volunteers uphold, Students Taking an Active Role Together. 

The Student Association strives to uphold the rights of each of its member by ensuring activities and needs. START adequately provides students with the opportunity to create their own movement.

The first days of START brought us 15 or so volunteers who were committed in building the program and getting it off our feet, because of those key volunteers and their devotion to START; we are now close to 200 active volunteers and over 4000 volunteer hours logged. START is very proud of our history, and so focused and driven on our future, we cannot wait to see what we have waiting for us over the horizon, but as they say “you can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you've been.”

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