Mrs. Kay

Welcome to 7th Grade World History on the Eagles Team!
                     "If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday." 

  Hi, I'm Meeka Kay, and I have the best job in the whole world. I teach. 
 What's even better, is that I teach History.  I LOVE history and I LOVE seventh graders, so this works  out perfectly for me! My class is all about teaching my students to love appreciate history.  In a perfect  world they would do that naturally, but in our modern hyper-interactive world, that usually isn't the case.  My goal is to bridge the gap between their lives and the lives of the past. By the end of the semester I  hope my students will have gained an appreciation for those that came before them.  The men and  women of history shaped the world we live in today, and I hope they will feel gratitude for  their contributions. I also hope they will be inspired to leave their own mark on the world.   

Here you will find information about the class requirements and expectations, assignments, due dates, and upcoming activities here at KMS.  We are a team, so please contact me whenever you need to.