Mrs. Jamie Lang

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This will be my 19th year teaching 5th grade in Kuna.  I love my job and loving working with these young minds that have so much to offer us.  One of my goals is to make each and every student realize how their thoughts and comments are important and relevant to our classroom and the world.  They can make a difference!
    I am a wife to the love of my life (Jeffery), a mother of four (Jon, JoLyn, JaNeil, & JoAnna), and last-but-not-least, grandma to nine beautiful children (Neilsen, Traci, Natali, Donaven, Tegan, Jami, Oren, Marci, LeeAnna, & Addison).  You will hear a lot of stories about these wonderful people in my life throughout the school year.  
    "Oh My Heart!" This is a famous quote from Mrs. Lang. If you ever visit my home you will see hearts all over the place. Take a guess what my car license plates say? 
   Sports are part of my life.  I love to watch different sports activities.  Three of my four children were involved in one sport or another, & most of my free time was watching a ball game or two.    Now that I'm an "empty nester," I can still be talked into watching a game or two.   All you need to do is invite me!
    Don't forget to read my monthly newsletter which is publish at the end of each month (next one is due out 9/30).
    Finally, please take time and check FAMILY LINK.  I promise to update my grade book at least twice a week, so you can have access to up-to-date information regarding your child's grade in my class.  If your child is in Wacky Wednesday Study Hall I will e-mail you that same day so you are "in the know".  
    If you have questions or concerns, please let me know.