Why Mosaic?
We chose the team name "Mosaic" because
 our team focus is on integrated learning. 
We are putting all the pieces together for our students by creating units and projects that combine 
math, science, language arts and history. 
Our team also creates opportunities for unique individuals to work as a team. 
Just like in a mosaic piece of art the beauty comes from combining all of the pieces together.
In this team we...

* put students first and value and respect their needs and opinions.

* have teachers who are subject specialists, but there is coordination of the different subject areas in an interdisciplinary program, which allows students to see how their learning in school relates to the real world.

* have a common set of rules, procedures, and expectation so students can better plan and organize their work and to be more productive. 

* provide students a group to belong to and identify with which helps promote self-esteem and positive social interaction.

* meet to discuss student needs and concerns and create and implement plans to help students overcome obstacles. 

* provide interdisciplinary units and activities to meet the interests and needs of students.