Resources on this page are meant to help students get to know their Chromebooks and the different web resources they will use in their classes. Can't find what you are looking for? Click here to suggest additional resources.
                         Google Sites & Weebly Basics Tutorial


Schoology- Student Log In/Gradebook 2016

Advisory Kick Off

Advisory Kick Off Video

What Is a Chromebook?

What's a Chromebook?

Working Safely Online & Help

Working Safely Online

 The Chrome OS

The Chrome OS

Google Slides (Presentations)

How to Create a Google Presentation

Google Chrome
  • Don't have Chrome on your devices at home? Ask your parents to visit the parent page for directions on how to download it for your PC or tablet.

Technical Problems?

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  • Having trouble with your Chromebook, check out these common troubleshooting tips:
    • The best way to fix your Chromebook is to turn it off, count to ten, and turn your device back on.
    • If you're in the middle of working and it tells you all of a sudden that your offline, click the wifi symbol in the bottom right hand corner, select Connect to KSD Wireless. If that doesn't put you back online, shut your Chromebook off, count to ten, and turn it back on.
  • If you experience a technical issue with your Chromebook that is not solved by one of the tips listed above, please ask your teacher if you can take your device to the technician's office for help.  Also, don't forget that MOUSE Squad members will assist you when possible. 

Keyboard Shortcuts

 Logging Into Your Chromebook

Logging Into Your Chromebook

Google Calendar Tasks & Safety

Google Calendar Tasks & Safety Video

Creating & Managing Google Drive

Google Drive

KMS Gmail


Logging Into Chrome on Other Devices

Logging Into Chrome on Other Devices

Communicating Online

Communicating Online

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