About the Project

In 2012 two math teachers from Kuna Middle School were selected to participate in a grant with Northwest Nazarene University and Khan Academy. Through this grant, one cart of 32 Chromebooks was supplied to the school to be shared between the two teachers and their students. As the math teachers and their students began implementing Khan academy and other web based resources, many other teachers saw the potential for the use of Chromebooks in their classrooms. Teachers from the language arts and social sciences departments approached the middle school principal, Deb McGrath, asking how they too could get devices and web resources in their students hands to increase learning opportunities. 

When the Idaho State Department of Education released the Idaho Technology Pilot Project Grant (a separate grant and project from NNU and Khan Academy), an opportunity to expand the small two class pilot into a larger whole school reality was presented. A competitive application process began, and the Kuna School District submitted a proposal that would take Kuna Middle School 1:1 (one device for every student) with Chromebooks. A total of 81 applications were submitted for a total of $19.5 million in requested funds, and KMS was one of 11 schools awarded receiving almost one third of the State's dedicated $3 million budget (view press release).
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