Mr. Hames - Fremont Middle School

Welcome to my page! Here you will find information about my classroom rules and expectations, a calendar of our upcoming activities, and more!     


About me: My name is Mr. Wally Hames, and I have been teaching in the Kuna School District for the past 14 years. I teach 8th grade American History at the new Fremont Middle School.  I have been married (Julia) for 30 years and have a 22 year old daughter (Kersey). I am very excited to have your child in my class, and look forward to a great year in our new school!
American History: Team Sequoia Syllabus

8th Grade American History is designed to help students understand how and why particular events and patterns of events occurred in our society.  So much can be learned from the past; therefore it is important to explore the reasons for reading and researching events and people from our past.  Throughout the semester, students will work within small groups and on their own in researching documents, creating maps, completing projects, public speaking, giving presentations and reenacting historical events which will help them achieve a better understanding of the American experience.

In American History, students will actively participate in units of study covering various time periods, from the English establishing their 13 Colonies up to The American Revolution.  We will discuss the creation of our Constitution and end the semester breaking the country apart with Civil War and then rebuilding it.

Various activities in this course are designed to give the students the skills necessary to succeed in later history courses.  By focusing on those aspects of American history that are relevant to today and the future, the students should be able to adapt lessons and assignments to many areas outside of the study of history itself.

I am looking forward to a great year and encourage parents to contact me with any questions.

Thank you,

Mr. Hames