Performance management involves the development and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure that the teachers and staff of schools provide education and services that fully meet the needs of their students. It includes the appraisal system (Performance Management Plan).

The Kumeroa/Hopelands School Performance Management Process is:

  • Underpinned by the overarching aims of improving outcomes for all learners and improving the quality of teaching
  • Closely linked to the collection and analysis of formal and informal achievement data
  • An integral strategy toward achieving annual targets and strategic goals
  • Grounded in formative practices with smart goal setting, clear indicators and success and ongoing self-assessment and high quality feedback
  • A mechanism to link school beliefs around teaching and learning with individual classroom practice and professional learning
  • Responsive to the needs of different cultures and contexts for both students and staff
  • Flexible and adaptive allowing teachers to develop and explore their own theories of improvement
  • A mechanism for dialogue around professional learning and development
  • A reflective process that is integral to professional growth and acknowledges that our learning never stops
  • A structured systematic process setting clear expectations where professional learning and development and priorities are identified
  • Recognises the contribution that each teacher makes towards the education of students and the future direction of the school and curriculum design

The following Kumeroa/Hopelands School Performance Management Process Model shows the relationships between:

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Class profiles
  • School wide achievement goals and targets
  • Individual teachers goals
  • A professional inquiry into practice
  • Professional Standards,Tātaiako and Registered Teacher Criteria
  • Mentoring and coaching relationships
  • Ongoing observations, feedback and reflections
  • Reporting and sharing
  • Professional learning and development
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