Welcome to Maitreyi.

Maitreyi is a voluntary, secular, non political and non profit oriented organization, caring for the lonely, desperate, despairing, and the suicidal. The organization is affiliated to the befrienders India which is in turn affiliated to the Befrienders worlwide, based in the United Kingdom.

Mission Statement

Maitreyi exists to emotionally support and understand people who are in crisis. A place where one can talk freely and share one’s problems. This timely support, when a person feels that life is not worth living, helps to prevent suicide. More > >

Help line

Suicidal    Depressed    Anxious   Worried   Overwhelmed

Wants  talk to someone
Call us
0413 - 2339999
between 2 PM to 8 PM

New with Us

Maitreyi, suicide prevention center Puducherry looking for volunteers who feel they would be able to listen supportively and empathetically, to help any one who is lonely or has even come to the point when they feel life is no longer worth living.
we need you...If.....
you are a caring & sensitive person
you are over 20 years of age
you are residing near Puducherry
Can spare 4 hours on any day of the week
And finally...
If you would like to be part of our organization please Click here to register with us