Mailing Lists

There are two main mailing lists for KUCI:

  • kuci-talk : a general list for kuci discussions.
  • pa-talk : a list for Public Affairs discussions.

How do I sign up?

First, you must pass KUCI Training. Your request to subscribe to the list will be denied if you have not yet completed and passed training.

To sign up (subscribe) or get off (unsubscribe) any mailing list at kuci, simply go to the list's homepage:

How do I remove myself?

Go to one of the above links. You can manage all of your subscription options there!

How long can I be a member of the mailing lists?

If you have not been an active member with the station for 1 year you will be moved from a normal member status to a moderated member. Any posts you send to the mailing lists will first have to be approved by a list administrator.

Once a year we also will be going through the memberships and purging users that haven't been active at the station for a long time. If you find yourself no longer receiving posts, don't worry! You can always re-subscribe using the step above.

Are there other lists that KUCI runs or hosts?

Yes, you can view all current KUCI sponsored and hosted email lists here: