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Create a Web Page


So you wanna build a webpage, eh? Well, there are primarily two steps involved:

  1. Creating the webpage files.
  2. Uploading those files to the webserver.

Upload your files

Please see the section on Remote File Access for the various ways to upload files into your home directory.

You will want to upload the files into your "public_html" directory on the server. The full path on the server for this will be /home/<your username>/public_html/

Create your files

Now, time for building some webpages...

  1. With whatever text editor you have (in Windows, "Notepad", "Wordpad", or even "Microsoft Word"), create a file called "index.html".
  2. The first page that gets loaded on a site is always "index.html" (or "index.htm"), so, this page will be the main page for your website. Here's a quick, small example page. Just copy and paste it into your index.html file:

         <title>My Web Page!</title>
         <h1>Welcome to my webpage!</h1>

               I'm on from 12am to 3am in the morning, every Monday!

              Here are some sites I like alot:
              <li> <a href="">KUCI!</a> </li>
              <li> <a href="">Uberhaus</a> </li>


That will create a VERY simple page, but that should be enough to get you up and running!

Once it's up, you can access your site by:<yourusername>

As usual, you can email if you have any questions... though there are many many sites online that can help you with HTML questions, and we'll probably get cranky if we get asked for alot of web help. *grin*