Information on the Webinars:   Direct your web browser to:  Type in your Guest Name, passwords are not needed.

Turn your computer speakers off, and call the toll free number:  1-800-572-5463, * 3090    Conference Number is:  11001
For a local number, call:  913-305-3090 then type in the code: 11001
Participates in the webinars can access the sessions with or without a computer if they use the phone number above. 

The webinar will be recorded, and post on the topic page of this site one day after the scheduled session. 

The Technology Webinars web site can be found at:

Presenter's contact info: or call 913-645-5357

If you would like to preview, browse through all the Webinars, they are available on a YouTube Playlist- Technology Webinars 2015-16. 

Robert Taylor,
Aug 30, 2015, 7:18 PM