Welcome to the  Open Learning Community for the Haverhill area.  An Open Online Learning Community.  It allows participants to continue Life Long Learning. A  21st Century Learning Community that is both innovative and flexible to move with the vast changes we see happening around us.    A learning community moulded by and inspired by it's participants. 

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Starred Resource: Local History Map for Haverhill and Locality 

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National Apprenticeship Week 12th to 16th March 2013

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HOLC Telework Week Link!

Hacktivate Nursery Rhyme Project Hactivate Nursery Rhymes starts 21st January 2013

Computer Programming Week HOLC Computer Programming Week Starts 14 th January 2013

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Maths for Parents Week Beginning 31st December 2012! Page Link!


  • Walking Round Haverhill As part of our Wellbeing section we have set up a Local Walks area!  Join us in opening up the many interesting Local Walks that there are around Haverhill!  We ...
    Posted 25 May 2013, 23:23 by Philip Spalding
  • Haverhill Research Park Archaeological dig! On the 8th May 2013 Haverhill Research Park Reported on the pre-development survey at Days Inn, Haverhill.  To read our view from the audience visit http://haverhillolc.blogspot.co ...
    Posted 8 May 2013, 22:45 by Philip Spalding
  • Putting Local History on the Map! Using Google Maps to place local history events on the map! http://haverhillolc.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/who-lived-where-before-norman-conquest.html
    Posted 3 May 2013, 23:06 by Philip Spalding
  • The Friday Reflection 19th April 2013! Our latest blogpost http://haverhillolc.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/the-friday-reflection-half-past-april.html, shows how far we are starting to engage with other people.  We have ...
    Posted 20 Apr 2013, 22:23 by Philip Spalding
  • The Blog has a new address! As part of the development of the Haverhill Online Learning Community (HOLC) we have moved the blog to within the domain of the Google Apps holc.co.uk , we will ...
    Posted 6 Apr 2013, 22:58 by Philip Spalding
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