v1.2.30.18 (18/07/2010)
1) Registry Error fixed:
2) Error log saves the erros: users can identify the errors.
3) Improved the speed in fetching thumbnails.
4) Source icon added.
Download from here.

v1.2.28.05 (05/07/2010)
1) Change: UI changed
2) works on both 64bit and 32 bit.
Download from here.
v1.2.28.04 (04/07/2010)
1) Fixed: Access denied registry error.
2) Setup installer changed. install error is fixed.
3) Added error logger: now the error is recorded in a log file.
4) Option to save wallpaper to the My Pictures folder.
5) Fixed: error while fetching images from the thumbnail selection.
6) Fixed: images from Flickr updates properly.
7) Tags will not work if Featured Only selected.
8) Fixed: now images loads faster.
9) Other bugs and fixes...
Note: Remove/Uninstall the previous versions.
Download it from here.
Note: (28/06/2010)
    1) Installed in both 32bit and 64bit Windows 7 Ultimate under Administrator User Type.  It is working.  But some users are facing problems in 64bit Windows 7. Will find out the issue and fix it.
    2) Some users are facing registry access problems also.  Not seen as such because of User Type, should be Administrator.  Will find out this issue also.
v1.2.26.23 (23/06/2010)
Fixed-after setting the local image, the image got deleted.  Thanks to 2L84ME at askvg.com for finding this.
Get the latest version here            

v1.2.25.21 (21/06/2010)
Many changes are incorporated in this version. 

New Features:
  • One of the main feature is it supports Flickr and Picasa Images, with options to search by tag or featured (Picasa) or Interestingness (Flickr). 
  • Another feature is the downloaded Wallpaper/Image/Photo can be set as wallpaper.
Change Log:
  • Download Wallpaper/Image/Photo from Picasa or Flickr: Wallpaper selection is based on the tags or Featured/Interestingness. 
  • Auto image conversion:- converts the high resolution images (tested upto 3.77 Mb size and 2560 x 1600 resolution image) local images and web images both.
  • Set the logon screen back to default.
  • Now even more easier to set the local images, double click on the preview box, select image, right click and Set as Logon.  Thats it.
  • Download the web images(click on Get Images) select the thumbnail to get the image preview, right click to Set as Logon or Set as Wallpaper.

Your suggestions and comments are important to me.


Windows Seven has provision to change the logon screen, but needs lots of steps to apply a beautiful wallpaper or image.
But 7 Logon Changer makes life simple, just select the image and set it thats it !!!!  Log off or press WinKey+L(lock) to see the changes,  voila!!!!

Download here version 1.0