Over Thirty Years of Experience

We can assist you in understanding the ins and outs of compliance with fuel economy standards and tailpipe related greenhouse gas emissions, the policy implications and in a search for alternatives. 

Our Experience Shows!

We worked on the setting up the original preliminary corporate average fuel economy program at one of the major automobile manufacturers in the mid 1970s and have worked on fuel economy and fuel quality issues ever since. 

  • Auto Side co-chairman of the primary technical committee for the Auto/Oil Air Quality Improvement Program. This joint effort that included researchers from Chrysler, Ford and General Motors plus researchers from fourteen major oil companies helped redefine gasoline quality in the United States and led to major reductions in tailpipe and evaporative emissions. 
  • Worked with John Graham, when he was in the White House, Office of Management and Budget to fundamentally change the way CAFE is calculated.

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