International Scientific Conference 

«Electronic Writing of RF Peoples: History, Issues, and Perspectives»

(March 16 – 17, 2017, Syktyvkar)

Conference Organizers: Federal Agency on Affairs of Nationalities of the Russian Federation, Government of the Republic of Komi, Ministry of the National Policy of the Republic of Komi, State Educational Institution of Higher Education "Komi Republican Academy of State Service and Administration", Federal State Budgetary Institution of Higher Education "Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University", State Autonomous Institution “ National Cohesion House of the Republic of Komi”.

Goal of the Conference: cooperation of the researchers, that work on the computer methods in development of  languages of the Russian Federation.

The directions of the Conference and main topics of the Conference:

- Standardization of alphabets and keyboard layout pattern;

- Converters;

- Systems of spelling;

- Electronic dictionaries and encyclopedias;

- Lexical databases;

- Electronic libraries;

- Electronic educational resources;

- National corpus of languages;

- Morphological and syntax analyzers;

- Machine translation and processing of the speech;

- Functioning of language in social networks;

- Ways of stimulation of activity of language community;

- Documenting of language;

- Normative legal support of electronic writing of small languages.

We are planning presentations of finished programs, thematic sections and workshops in separate sections.

After the conference the collection of scientific papers will be published. It will be displayed in full-text format in library database of Russian scientists The publication of the articles will be free-of-charge.

Committee has the right to refuse the publication of the articles, which are not relevant to the perspective of the Conference and also formatted with the violation of the rules about the report execution.

Registration ends on February 20, 2017 on the Conference's web-site: