KSD Maintenance Request - Submittal Service "MySchoolBuilding.com"
Welcome to the district's maintenance request submittal service called "MySchoolBuilding.com". This service allows you to submit work requests directly to our maintenance department via the intranet.
Your password to submit work requests is "keyport".

1) Click this URL: https://www.myschoolbuilding.com (This link is available here on the Intranet, which is available from anywhere)

2) Type in this account number 446260643

3) Click "Submit Organization" button and the request submittal page will appear.

4) Type in your request information along with the other required information such as your name and submittal password and click the submit button. (Your password is indicated above in this message.)

5) Your new request will then appear in a list on the left. You can edit new requests until they have been assigned.