This is the Teacher Portfolio Portal at Koya University. This portal is created to help you prepare and improve your teaching portfolio as well has an input to shape the whole concept of Teacher Portfolio process at our university. You should also ask faculty advisers  mentors, and peers to review your teaching portfolio and to provide feedback to help you improve its effectiveness and clarity. You may also use this website discussion board to share your thoughts and ideas and well as seeking help from other colleagues.

Documents and Videos

Organize and store all documents related to Teacher Portfolio  important documents. You may view these docs and create discussions on their contents and improvements.


We keep TQA events on this calendar. Please follow us and see the internal schedule with the calendar page.


Minutes of our meetings are shared with you immediately using the Minutes page. This will be available to you at any time.


On our discussion board you can share, review and 
get help on any Teacher Portfolio topics. Please join..


We announce University wide messages with the announcements page.


What we find helpful for this process we will share with you and make it accessible with the resources page.