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Name: Soran Kakarash Omer  
Degree: Master of Business Administration   
Title: Associate Teacher   
Position: --- 
Department/School/Faculty: Administration & Economics/Administration/FHSS
University: Koya University
E-mail: soran.kakarash@koyauniversity.org
Mobile No.: (+964) - 7740886963
                      (+964) - 7501099267
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Received his B.Sc. degree in Administration ,
Salahaddin Univ.- Hawler, Iraqi Kurdistan Region (2004), M.Sc. degree in Business Administration, at European University of Lefke, North Cyprus, (2014),

Soran joined the Koya University as an employee in the Presidency of the University 2004.

Soran lectured at Koya Technical Institute (Evening) in the business Administration Dept.In the Academic years 2005 - 2011 for this courses Principles of management, Inventory management, Principle of economics, Risk-Insurance Management, Human resources management,Tourism Marketing.

Soran lectured at  Administration & Economics Dept. at Koya University as an associate teacher for the academic year 2014-2015  until now.