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Assignment #1

posted Apr 15, 2012, 5:24 AM by Dilan Rostam
This is 1st class Assignment. This will examine your understanding of the concept of the needs of people and location on the design of a house.

Assignment: How do the needs of the people and location of the structure will affect the design of the dwelling?

We have watched video and we have shared many ideas.  Students are expected to work in group and each group provide different perspective of how How the needs of the people and location of the structure  will affect the design of the dwelling. Student will use multimedia presentation to present their essay in the class. 

Presentation: Monday 25th Feb, Each group has 15 min to present their essay.

Grading: Each assignment is 2.5% of the total credit for the course and it is divided as follow;
  • Consist to the point with Good Understanding of the issue, reflecting concepts form the course sessions (25%), 
  • Report Writing and Layout and using their own images from study case (25%), 
  • Effective PowerPoint Group Presentation and showing their selected short videos, Style (25%), 
  • Active participation in group presentation, challenging other group with critical questions, Language of presentation if reasonable English will get highest make (25%) ,
Some example of sources for student: