The Course

بابەتى جوگرافیای خزمه‌تگوزاری هەول دەدات بەشيێوازى ميتۆدى وەزيفي و شيكردنەوەى بابەتيانە باس لەو گۆرانكاريانە بكات كە بەسەر خزمه‌تگوزاری داهاتووه‌  لەرووى كات وشوێن ، بابه‌تەكاني جۆره‌كانی خزمه‌تگوزاری و پۆلینكردنیان و شێوازی دابه‌شبوون ده‌گرێته‌وه‌،هەروەها گرنگى دەدات بەكرداري پلاندانان وپەرەپێدانكه‌رته‌كانی خزمه‌تگوزاری لەهەرێمي كوردستان بۆ ئێستاو داهاتوو
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Spatial dimensions of basic services provision; sustainable development; needs assessment; provision and accountability; public participation and conflict management; accessibility; aspects of locational analysis; optimal location of services; REGIONAL OF Kurdistan case studies.

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Course details

Faculty: Faculty of Education (FEDU )
Department: Department of Geography (DGEO)
Course title: Geographical Service
Course code: SEG8325
Language: Kurdish
Location: FEDU
Period: 2014-2015
Lecturer: Dr.Rostam Salam
Support: Office Hours 12-14 or by appointment
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Entry level skills

The student must be able to read various provided sources in English and write short essays and participate in class discussions.