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Name:Saman Abdulla Aziz 
Department/School/Faculty:law/ shool of law and management/facuiyu of humanities and social science     
University: Koya University 
Mobile: 07504762453
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my name is Saman A.Aziz  I'm  lecturer  in the department of law- school of law and management, where he joined the work at koya university since Feb. 2004. Before that he was working at laboratory of Rizgary Hospital in Arbil as a chemist. He gained a B.Sc. in law from college of rights in university of Salahaddin in 2003 , master degree in public law from koya university in 2008, and Ph.D degree in public law from koya university in 2012. He started his academic teaching from koya university- college of law in 2009.