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Name: Rebin Abdulqader Azeez
MA in TEFL (Applied Linguistics)
Title: L
Department of English Language (DENL) 
Faculty of Education/FEDU
University: Koya University
Mobile: (+964)- 
0750 456 73 77
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MA. Rebin A. Aziz Assistant lecturer

I was born in Qaladza city in 13-2-1985. I finished elementary school in Raniya city. Then, we moved to Hawler and started to live there during 1999. I finished high school in Daratoo district. Then, I got accepted in Koya University/ College of Languages/Department of English in 2003 and I got BA in English Language Linguists & Literature in 2007. I got an MA scholarship with 8 colleagues of mine from Bilkent University located in Turkey/ Ankara city in 2008. I earned MA Degree there in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) by 2010. later, I worked for KRG Cabinet as Interpreter for one year from 2009 to 2010. I got transferred to Koya University in 2010 and I work in Faculty of Education, Department of English Language as Lecturer up to now and forward.Help about how to prepare this electronic Portfolio