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Name: Naheda A. Muhammed
Degree: PhD of general law
Title: assistant professor
Department/School/Faculty: DLAW/FHSS
University: Koya University
E-mail: naheda.muhammed@koyauniversity.org
Mobile: (+964)- 750 742 2568
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Naheda A. Muhammed

Received her B.A. degree in Law, College of Law, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq, (1999), M.A. degree in General Law, University of Baghdad ,(2001), PhD. degree in General Law, University of Baghdad, 2006-2007.

Dr. Naheda has Five years of teaching experience in the Public Finance and Financial legislation in the University of Mostansria , College of Law, dept of General Law, Baghdad, Iraq.
- Three years of teaching experience in the Constitutional Law , Public Finance and Financial, punishments Law in Cihan University, dept of Law, Erbil, Iraq.
-She had participated in putting on the law of the private Universities in the Kurdistan region.
-Five years of teaching experience for the students of M.A. degree and student of B.A in three subjects (the Public Finance and Financial legislation, the law discussions and International law in English language) in Koya University, law department, law and administration school.
-She had published four researches the first one was in Al Sulimania University magazine in the number 35 for the year 2013 entitled (The taxation on persons companies in the Iraqi Income Tax Law, No. 113, of 1982 amended, the other researches two of them had published in Koya University magazine the first  research entitled (going towards carry out the justice in the tax under the Income Tax Law in Iraq No. 113 of 1982, amended) in the number 23 for the year 2012, the title of the second research is ( How the tax impose on profits derived from e-commerce)which published in the number 24 for the year 2012 and the third research ( stimulation tax of  foreign direct investment)which published in Koya University magazine in the number 28 for the year 2013.