The aim of this component on microbiology is to enable you to understand the concepts underlying the biology of microbes. We will achieve this aim by examining aspects of their biology that differentiate microbes from larger organisms. We revise and build on previous material on the structure and evolution of the cell. This component finishes with some extension material on competition. By the end of the unit you will be expected to apply these concepts to any practical situation and develop a response to a problem or issue that involves microbes. This means you need to be able to recall, integrate and apply information and concepts from this part of the unit. Please be aware that the structure of this electronic learning resource does not strictly follow the lectures, though the underlying concepts are exactly the same.

Course details

School:School of Medicine (SMED)
Course title:Microbiology
Course code:MCB9012
Location: SMED
Period:Academic 2017-2018
Lecturer:Zaitoon Ahmed Hamad
eMail: @koyauniversity.org
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Entry level skills

The student must be able to read various provided sources in English and write short essays and participate in class discussions.