Academic Profile

Dr.Jwan Noori Rasul
Academic Title: Lecturer
Instructor of psychology
KOY45, Kurdistan Region - Iraq
Place of residence/ koya
Lecturer in FEDU, Department of Basic Education (DBED)
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                                 ORCID ID: 0000-0001-7354-3020

- Bachelors Graduation Year (1985 - 1989) University of Salahaddin.
- Master Graduation Year (2003- 2006) University of   Koya
- PhD  Graduation Year (2010- 2015) University of Salahaddin.
Year (2015) has been changed to my title of Teaching Assistant to Lecturer .
 Lecture: At the University of Koya in the since (2015).
In the Year (2003) is appointed by the Ministry of Higher Education.
Joined the  Faculty of Education  FEDU- Department of Basic Education (DBED), Evening Studies. And work  lecturer. 

 Lessons that have been taught: 
1-Developmental Psychology.
2- Measurement and Evaluation.
3- Measurement and Evaluation.
4- Psychology growth.
5- Child & Adolescent Development.
6- Developmental Psychology. 

Research Interests
Emotional Vacuum and Balance and Harmony for the Married Professors of Salahaddin University/ Erbil