Academic Profile

Asst. lec. Hedy Qasm Baez Shexany

Assistant Lecturer in physical education
(+964) - 7501232983
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

Outline Biography
 My name is Hedy Qasm Baez shexany and I was born in Koya in 1987.
 I completed elementary and preparatory school in Koya then I achieved 
 bachelor's degree at Koya University/ physical education in (2009-2010),
 and then I became an  employee at Koya University in the same college.
 In 2014 I obtained a master's degree in sport training & Volleyball / Alexandra university of Egypt
 when I was one of the candidates of the Kurdistan Region Government/ Human Capacity & development program.
 In the same year, I returned to my job (teaching staff) at the school of physical education/ Faculty of education. So far I am carrying on my job which is teaching both theoretical and practical lessons at Koya University/ school of physical education. I teach two subjects, Handball skills and refereeing for the students of the second & also teach volleyball skills and refereeing for the students of third .

Research Interests
1. Sport's Training and performance.
3. Sport's Physiology.

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