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Name: Hawkar O. Ali
Degree: MA
Title: Lecturer
Position: Teaching staff (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).
Department/School/Faculty: English Department/ 
School of languages/ Faculty of Education
University: Koya University
Mobile: (+964)- 770 193 3606

Hawkar Omar Ali

Hawkar is an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of English, where he joined the work at Koya University since 2010.
He gained his BA degree in English Language and Literature from Koya University in 2007, and his MA degree in Applied Linguistics (Teaching English as a Foreign Language - TEFL) from Bilkent University/Turkey in 2010.
He started his academic teaching in 2010 when he joined the work at Koya University as an Assistant Lecturer in the department of English. He has been teaching in the same department from 2010 till present.