The Course

Romantic and Victorian Poetry
This module studies the rich poetry of the 18th-19 centuries (Romantic and Victorian period) in its historical and cultural context. The period is full of famous names such as William Blake, William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Lord Byron and John Keats, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Emily Bronte and others. Through our texts we explore the multifarious ways that writers voiced their experience of the radical and often stressful upheaval of their times. The importance of studying poetry stems from the fact that poetry will teach the students how to understand ad approach poetic texts from different perspectives. Thus, the students will have an access to comprehending the poems they study, and it will increase their knowledge of poetry and culture. Chief Romantic and Victorian Poets with exemplary poems will be carefully studied and analysed. Students will be called upon in class to show their understanding of the poems and their willingness to participate in class discussion. 
Course details

Faculty: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSS )
Department: Department of English Language (DENG)
Course title: English Poetry II
Course code: EPT7523
Language: English
Location: FHSS
Period: 2018-2019
Lecturer:Yasir Allawi Abid
Support: Office Hours 12-14 or by appointment
Peer Reviwer:  Hamid Badri Abdulsallam
LastPeer Reviewed: 2018

Entry level skills

The student must be able to read various provided sources in English and write short essays and participate in class discussions.