The Course

This module studies the rich poetry of the English renaissance period (16th -17th centuries) in its historical and cultural context. The period is full of famous names: we focus mainly on texts and poems written by famous poets such as Christopher Marlowe, Philip Sidney, William Shakespeare, Walter Raleigh, and others.It is basically designed to familiarize the students with the political, social, cultural aspects of the age, besides exploring the impact of the biographical dimension, through investigating and analyzing their relationships with the texts. Renaissance poetry captures a world in transition between medieval and modern. It registers the impact of the printing press, the emergence of a rapidly growing urban culture, the presence of a vibrant court society. We look at literature of the private life, such as love sonnets and the poetry of faith, the political world and social justice; and satirical literature dealing with city life and the marketplace. Recurrent topics include the representation of the body and the self; writing by and about women; humanism and the 'good life'; rhetoric and the arts of language; issues of religious identity; the early modern theatre and its stagecraft. Through our texts we explore the multifarious ways that Renaissance writers voiced their experience of the radical and often stressful upheaval of their times.
Course details

Faculty: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSS )
Department: Department of English Language (DENG)
Course title: English Poetry I
Course code: EPT7508
Language: English
Location: FHSS
Period: 2018-2019
Lecturer:Yasir Allawi Abid
Support: Office Hours 09-12 or by appointment
Peer Reviwer:  Hamid Badri Abdulsallam
LastPeer Reviewed: 2018

Entry level skills

The student must be able to read various provided sources in English and write short essays and participate in class discussions.