The Course

The material presented in this course module profile will enable the students of the 4th stage at the Software Engineering Department to obtain a sound knowledge of classical control system analytical design methods. Several software packages could have been used to support this approach but MatLab, which is the most widely used, has been employed. Control Systems Engineering is an exciting and challenging field and is a multidisciplinary subject. This course module profile is designed and organized around the concepts of Control Systems Engineering using MatLab, as they have been developed in the frequency and time domain for an introductory undergraduate course in Control Systems for Computer Engineering students.

The course code is CST5327. This Course is given within 28 weeks. Every week the student should attend 2 hrs theoretical lecture and 2 hrs Lab.. The course credit is 5 units. 
Course details

University:Koya University
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering (FENG)
School:School of Computing
Department:Department of Software Engineering
Course title:Control Systems
Course code:CST5327
Period:Academic 2014-2015
Lecturer:Dr. Salah Ismaeel Yahya
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Entry level skills

The student must be able to read various provided sources in English and write short essays and participate in class discussions.